Apartment Valet Trash Service Benefits…

At Number One Waste Valet Service, we are your number one partners in profit because we create a popular way for all management companies to enlarge their communities cash flow. We greatly welcome the opportunity to show each property managers and owners that we are the best of the best and most importantly worth the cost of service. So please, give us the opportunity to allow us to demonstrate how efficient our valet trash service is.

Enhance Your Communities Asset Value

♦ Enhances Resident Retention

♦ Expands Your Amenities Packages

♦ Improves Maintenance Efficiencies

♦ Increases Net Operating Income

All of these things will enhance the appearance of your property and make it more glamorous when compared against other competitors.

A Profitable Amenity

Valet trash service is an amenity that all residents will use multiple times throughout the week. Number One Waste Valet Service provides the community, staff, and residents great benefits. Our benefits include, but are not limited to the following below. So please check them out and contact us today…


♦ All residents will use this service

♦ Common areas and hallways will remain trash free

♦ Community operating expenses are reduced by at least 2 – 3 labor hours per day

♦ Community maintenance staff has more time to focus on customer service, resident satisfaction, and work orders instead of trash

♦ Crime deterrent due to visible valet personnel on the property each evening after management office hours

♦ Increase resident retention and new leases by offering the property a greater market advantage when compared to local competitors

♦ Increase the net operating income of the property

♦ No sightings of residents dragging trash throughout the community or placing on top of their vehicles to take to the dumpster

♦ Trash is collected shortly after being set outside; therefore no leakage, odors, stains, or trash are found on walkways and breezeways

♦ and much more…

Whether your community is a lower-class, higher-class, or luxury residence, Number One Waste Valet Service has you covered and is the best bang for your bucks… Please contact us today! 

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