Number One Waste Valet Service…

Number One Waste Valet Service is a premium valet trash company that offers exceptional service to all properties throughout Wash. DC, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. We have been providing Janitorial and Carpet Cleaning services for over 10 years. Our staff are always clean-cut, professional, and wear uniforms so that we can stand out.

#1 Waste Valet Service Set Up:

Each tenant will get a Starter Kit that includes (1) labeled 13-Gallon Trash Container and (1) labeled 13-Gallon Recycle Container.

♦ Residents place their “Bagged” Trash and Recycle Inside the designated containers. 

♦ Residents will place the two Containers outside their front doorstep for Trash Valet services on the industry standard schedule of 6pm – 8pm Sunday through Thursday.

♦ Our Valet Personnel will remove the bagged-trash and recycle from each resident, starting pickup at 8pm.

♦ Waste is transported to the compactor or dumpster onsite, ensuring that the lids are closed and secured to avoid overage fees from the hauling service. By doing this, it makes for a peace of mind and a neater community.

So please contact us today for all your waste valet service needs…

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Wash. DC Office: (240) 409-7454

Minnesota Office: (507) 250-3706

Wisconsin Office: (608) 579-3974

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